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My history of W:ET

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Well thanks for my best friend Mauro, i started playing W:ET since 2005. I love to play this game whem i have time. At the moment, im studing, and working with my father in his job(programer).My first clan was DRi ( play there since 2005 :P ) but i have problem with members, so i out, and came to =F|A=. Here i was a member too, a funny clan, but i was a child , so my actitudes sucks. Them,mauro call me to do a new clan, .Ef&| because with his father LARGO-ARG- start a server in argentina, my ping was 12, so it was excelent, But i decide to cancel all.

Now i came back to =F|A= SERVER, jay2 and silent.This time, i want to do my job good, help admins, and have fun.

I think this is all, thanks for read my little history xD, have fun and cya in server

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