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Yesterday my brother asked me if i wanted to go see insidious with him. I asked him what kind of movie it was and he said: "Oh it's just a lame horror movie but i want to see it." I'm like: "Ok, if you say it's lame it's lame."


3 hours later we go to the cinema get some popcorn and a drink. The usual stuff, hoping for it to be a good movie. Movie starts i get a little scared of the music at the cinema, quite creepy and all. Some ghosts appear (i hate ghosts) and it scares the living hell out of me !! I have been watching this movie ( we were the only ones in the whole room) with my hands in front of my eyes. Everytime the mother went to the kid's room i was like: "No, don't do it. You'll get scared and i'll get scared, you don't want that." I've been screaming and yelling. I was really scared. My brother had this great idea, he bought a scary mask and when the movie was over he yells at me. I think i shat my pants at that moment.


Bottom line is: If you are afraid of ghosts and really can't stand horror movies (like me). Don't ever watch that, the ghosts were so real !!!



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Sounds like a movie for me ^^


Love horrormovies


For some reason I always have to laugh with such movies



Do you ever have seen: 'drag me to hell '(no ghosts!!!) => hilarious XD

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Im a Horror movies lover...


I watched it a couple days ago and i kinda enjoyed the plot , the movie had some random "ghost busters" wanna be scenes lol .. also de suspense was the good , i hated the interpretation of the "devil" looked like a cheap monster, but over all it was decent ..

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