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Lost skill of discussion

I'm going to keep this short and to the point.   Have we forgotten the ability to discuss topics, while keeping mutual respect for each other? Many people (it seems like) want to avoid the hard discussions, but why? Well, because they are hard discussions, and generally (it seems like) these discussions turn into a fight or a yelling argument. Once a fight or "yelling" comes out, the discussion is lost and becomes pointless.   Arguments and discussions are great and it seems like in some subjects it goes very well. However look around the internet, even some of the topics on this forum, it seems like the mutual respect has been lost and so there is no discussion.   A good example is when discussing religion. On all sides, the respect has disappeared and people end up fighting and yelling. Look at youtube, yahoo answers, etc who have degenerated further. Where even a simple discussion on an opinion (which singer you like) has become fighting and yelling.   We have lost the ability to discuss topics, and unless we start relearning (ourselves) and teaching our children to do so...it will only get worse.     *edit: I was kinda hoping this would turn into a good discussion, but I guess that would disprove my idea. hehe



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