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ET - How Fix, Run W:ET and PunkBuster with Vista or Windows7

This video is made to help players who have some troubles running ET and PunkBuster, so it will show you how run and fix the Game and PunkBuster on Vista or Windows 7 only   Install ET and fix it permission and compatibility Install OR Remove PunkBuster, update it and fix permissions   If you don't have any troubles with your Game better don't touch anything. but if you face some troubles just follow the video and do the same thing    



ET - How to make binds with Voice, Text and Shortcuts

This tutorial is about to help random players who wanna know how to make binds, what key they can use and how to use shortcuts, first we need to start take a look to what key or button are available on both Keyboard and Mouse   Read the full tutorial: Here   if you have suggestion or you wanna add texts example to the tutorial, add in comments or contact me or PM me



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