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About this blog

Thoughts of Platonic about electronic and non-electronic life and their connections.

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Platform 3 - Work and hobby

A rather short entry.   I started working in september. "Real" life has kept me from being here regularly. I was hired for something between social and legal work for a half time but the organisation was also looking for someone to handle the communication (I haven't studied that). I started to do it for one newsletter. Now I'm handling project calls, facebook, twitter, website, newsletter and yearly report next to the legal and social work I'm doing. If it wasn't for my experience wit



Platform 2a - International encounters

An international gaming clan... What's that? Instead of with friends, you play with virtual strangers with whom you can't communicate? No no no no no. Instead of friends you already have, you play with people you have not yet met. Those guys are flesh and blood just like you and when you wanna meet them, guess what? You can!   In this blog entry I'll tell you the story of how this gaming clan made me meet with total strangers, delivered me a bright yellow "F|A Clan Co-Leader" T-shirt a



Platform 1 - A gaming clan, why?

I decided to take a look at this beautiful new blog environment and submit the first blog on this new website. What better than answering the question "why are you in the clan?". When I talk to people, this clan can be one of the subjects of conversation. A common reflex: "Why are you in a gaming clan? You don't seem like a nerd?". Because that is what many people think. That we are nerds because we are in this clan. In this blog I will give you one reason why being in a gaming clan was a good i



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