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A blog about my opinion on freedom

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Freedom by Exact.

My first and probably last blog. I’m writing this with all the wars and problems of the world in mind, like Gaza, like Ukraine and many more. Conflicts in different places, nearby or far away. Terrorism in your own country and countries anywhere. I think, problems are everywhere. But did you ever think about how they occurred? Or better, how to stop them? Maybe you did, like me. I’m a thinker, and now, I’m at a point of sharing my own thoughts. In my opinion we all need to live in freedom! It’s easy to say, I know, but am I right or wrong? We should have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of everything. But we all say; “I live in the free western part of the world”. But how ‘Free’ are we? Freedom of speech With the latest terrorist attacks of Paris in mind, freedom of speech got a new dimension. Is making a cartoon of someone’s religion freedom of speech or just an incitement of hatred? But, we could also see it from the other side. Is judging a cartoon as racism or hate speech good or just stupidity? Why should a cartoon hurt someone? Why should you kill people who made ‘just’ a cartoon? I know it’s a cartoon about a religion, but why? Why should you kill someone for making a cartoon? Are you better than the cartoonist by killing him? I think, feeling hurt by someone’s opinion is a choice. You choose to feel hurt, or just leave it behind and go on with your life. Freedom of speech is important to know how someone else is feeling, but we need to learn to accept someone’s opinion and try to respect each other.   Freedom of religion A lot of people nowadays are saying that the Islam is a bad religion. But is it bad? There is a Islamite State(IS) who kill a lot of people and do what they want. But is IS the real Islam? From the beginning the Islam is the religion of love. And a lot of Muslims are spreading love in a way we appreciate, but others might spread it on a way we don’t like that much. But it’s not the biggest part of the Muslims. And now I want to take a look at other religion. Are they better than the religion of Islam? I don’t think there is a good answer on this question, I can’t decide on what religion is good or not. People shouldn’t decide for others about what is good for them or not. It’s their choice, and they are free to make that choice. Who am I to say the Christianity or Islam or any other religion is bad, people have to follow their heart. I’m not on this earth to judge about someone’s religion.   Freedom of everything So, in my opinion there should be freedom of everything. We all need to live together and should respect each other. It doesn’t matter if someone is black or white, Muslim or Christian, gay, bi or hetero. We should respect their choices and don’t judge. There is a big chance that your opinion is another one than the opinion of your neighbour, but does it really matter?     A lot of question, with a small amount of answers. I keep thinking, every day again. Maybe you should think 2, about yourself, about others, about judging, about religion. And the best part is: It’s all your choice.   Thanks for reading.



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