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The start:   This i the first blog i do so be nice lol       Hello im coming here to discharge myself published....Every Starts on the Police Academy was a hard year betwn made the hit on be a graduate when they give me my badge and my gun i was proud of myself finnaly i can call me as proud Police oficer after all the work i´ve done for.... The ride in the workplace was quiet at my first few months, from concerns me and kept on with my normal life, girls, alcohol and even started to return to play the great game that captivated my entire teenage years Wolfenstein Enemy terretory where I started to be active again in the F | A servers after be almost 8 months out of it...   My parents returned united states, southern virginia where my grandfather still lives on .. He was in his last days ..   I returned with them.. , I was with him in his last moments that's what makes me happy and that was very happy that her grandson was going to be with at that moment.After the funeral through the coming 15 hours on a plane in a tight seat with constant turbulence sometimes i had no choice but to go back because I asked a couple of days at work and special mourning my case anyway, back my native country (Im half American-Uruguayan) cuz my parents are from united states but i borned here (Uruguay) ...   One month later you guys take me on the awesome,great,and lovely Fearless Assassins Community where I met some great players and people made me administrator and give me the opportunity to be part of the F | Aamily as a full member, bein a Trial was a great notice for me laugh if you want but I was going through a bad time and the news that you had taken me under your wing I comfort enough even was best news I had all month   After Months of regulars stuff new friends, new girlfriend than i love her with all my hearth travels for work,coder classes and nub paperwork lol almost forgive the two months than my pc was broke oops       Had a bad experience on work one of my colleagues was shot in the head I affection much, I thought "I could have been me" was the one turn before I also was the one who had given me more advice and is partner to more appreciation of i meet at the station where I am .. I was assigned to the hospital I was visiting his family tried to support her, luckily I came out of danger but his recovery was gonna take a long time   After that back to normal life   Normal stuff to this day and I've seen some shameful fact that I would rather not have to say here lol       I want finnish saying thanks To F|A for the opportunity i had some lot of fun with you guys as already never had on other clan the appreciation i have its so big for F|A I love this community...     though I had my bad times as all and was out of the servers a while I did my best guys "was" and is a great pleasure to be part of this ... Thank you a lot ....

Night Hunter

Night Hunter

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