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Thank you.

Lets start this from the beginning.   At the start of 2011 I stumble into a beginners jaymod server. It's wonderful, admins doing their job and maintaining a fun environment to players to derp around. But the troll inside me that had developed during puberty, woke up. I started spamming and harassing other players and admins. The admins took it for a while, I was surprised, but kept going. Then Joker stopped me. Got muted several times and even kicked, then I applied. (Can't remember what I was thinking) ''Nooo way. B!tch at the server, spam a lot, messing with teammates'' Then I realised what I was like, I was like an 9 year old. I started to change, tried to be better, tried to behave.   My re-apply got denied immediately, didnt wait 3 months. I actually started to hate the people that I was like just a few months ago. Spamming vsays, b!tching, moaning, crying all the time. I helped admins, defused arguments and tried but failed at busting cheaters. When I did my second re-apply I thought to myself, third time's a charm. ''Wow, seeing ur old application and this new one proves that you did a 180 turn, looks like you went thru some changes and learned a thing or two.'' Purpish.   ''Okay. Extended trial though.'' Krauersaut   At this point I had learned so much from admins, my english had gotten a lot better, I got more patience and, well, more polite. I was a trial member for about 1,5 years, I got asked many times that why am I not a full member yet, I always gave the same answer; " They (higher admins) have their reasons and im happy with what I have."   Last autumn I resigned, didnt have time to be active. Now im writing this in a bus going back to army from vacation as man that has to give his thanks to this amazing community that made him what he is.



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