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The Path Of Life

Before I start this note I'm going to mentioned that the "Title" was just something that sounded like a good thing to put, not quite sure why. Also, what I've written was supposed to be something more substantial but I'm struggling to work out where to go from where it currently ends. Enjoy. Every event is a reaction to an action. When we understand this every moment in life becomes as special as the last, and the next. I would like to explain something before I delve deep into my thoughts, and ideas, about this subject. I have difficulty explaining my thoughts because, to explain it simply, my brain is wired differently. I am both an Introvert and have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). These two conditions have joined to create a somewhat unique problem; I am mentally at war with myself. My Introvert side tells me to stay inside because it’s relaxing and very enjoyable. However, my ADHD tells me to go out and meet people, and to go “wild”. This causes such a contradiction in my brain, in my thoughts, that it’s difficult to tell what I want to do, or think. The positive side of this problem is that when my brain does actually agree on something, the two conditions work together and I see things that other Introverts, or people with ADHD, might not. Now to start: From the simple action of moving a finger, to the weather, to the emotions we feel on a daily basis. Every event happens for a reason. The reason is a series of other events that have converged to create a moment. Life is a series of moments, one after another, after another; each one joining with other moments to create a new moment. This makes each and every moment special and unique. I can’t remember exactly when I started following this train of thought, but it is one that I’ve always returned to at one point or another for over a year now. This particular train of thought has always been a significant source of mental stimulation for me as it seemingly affects everything, literally everything. One phrase I always find myself thinking is “Everything happens because everything else has happened.” Unfortunately when it comes to elaborating on that phrase I struggle to put into words exactly what I mean. I could try using examples but at some point I would have to stop because the number of events to create that moment would increase exponentially the more you followed the events back; however this does not mean I won’t try. We’ve all had an event where it could have gone either way if you had just been a second early, or late, like nearly being hit by a speeding car or arriving at a shop just after the shop has closed. These events are what, I think, started me to consider how each event lead to another, and then to another; on and on through our lives and everyone else’s. All of these events, everyone’s lives, interconnected because of everything that had happened before them. I can only guess, or assume, what other people think when these events happen. I believe that other people can be quite self-centred when it comes to trying to understand how these events have come about. As an example we shall consider the event whereby you are seconds late for the closing of your local shop; I assume that most people will think “If only I hadn’t done that particular action, I would have been just on time.” That would have been the end of it, in their eyes, and it would be on to the next thought. However, I would dwell on it and mull it over in my mind. I would study the events that led up to that event; seeing if at any point there was an event that affected my timeframe which caused the final outcome to be an unfortunate one. I’m now going to try and use an example to show how this concept works inside of my thoughts. My example is a seemingly simple one; picking up a loaf of bread from the shop. I often wonder how many people have consider how many events had to “go right” for that loaf of bread to end up in their hands. If the factory, where that loaf was created, had been having problems with its machinery you wouldn’t have been able to have that specific loaf. If we go deeper into the series of events then you would come to the basic ingredients. For this example we will follow the wheat used. For the wheat to flourish in the fields where it was grown, a set of events had to have happened. There had to be enough water and sun, which means if it had been a particularly dry year then there might not have been enough water for the wheat to grow properly. Another event is the usage of pesticide; if the farmer didn’t have enough pesticide then the crop would be threaten. To go even deeper; why didn’t the farmer have enough pesticide? It could be any number of events that caused that. Maybe the company that provided the pesticide was going into administration. Maybe the company was behind on production because some of its machinery had failed. Maybe the farmer didn’t have enough money because the previous year’s crop hadn’t generated enough money. I could go on, and on, going deeper into the events but I would never be able to finish because every event is a result of either another event, or multiple events all coming together. The end so far. Well, I hope at least one person found this in some way positive. Let me know what you think; I'm open to constructive criticism. Thanks for reading, Heretic121



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