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Obama to combat the American Constitution via Executive Order!!!

So here we go. The word on the street is that the team Joe Biden is spearheading has agreed to bring Obama ideas on using executive orders to curb mass shootings with assault rifles. Not mass killings... mass shootings with assault rifles.   http://www.cnn.com/2...control-battle/   What this means essentially is that nowadays the government of the U.S. thinks for some reason we work for them instead of the other way around. The 2nd Amendment is there so we can protect our homes and families. And also to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. It is stated very clearly in our Constitution that this right in particular "Shall not be infringed." And what that means is the government has no authority to control or regulate our firearms in any way. The same government who flouridates the U.S. drinking water are the same guys that worry for your safety because there are Americans with weapons everywhere? Hard to believe. It's actually unbelievable. The same government who started a war in the middle east that's killed thousands and thousands of people over 10 years now are the same who are compassionate? Give me a break. There's one reason for trying to take our rights away. And that is Tyranny. Tyranny leads to oppression. And that's how dictators are made (dictatorships aren't always just one person).   I hope that if this is the route that they're going to try and take with us... that they are prepared to be shown that the American people will surely be underestimated because we are armed millions strong. Let them come and try to take them from us.

=Death Hunter=

=Death Hunter=

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