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Krauersaut vs Sparhawk: Rounds 1 to Infinite will be posted here for your humor, facepalms and intrest in other people's social lives.

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Numbers 1 and 2

#'s 1 and 2 were both w/Krauersaut,

but since I posted without his explicit permission, they have been deleted...


Anyway, I'm sure there will be more! I'll get his permission for another on

at some point, I promise :P


For the record:

Krauersaut won 1

Sparhawk won 2





You may have noticed, in previous Battles of the Wits, how much Auto-Correct comes into play...

I don't even have to put this at the bottom: Round 5 goes to Auto-Correct.

Sit back, and enjoy the compilation!


Mini battle w/Aj:


6:16 PM =F|A= AJ: i've been playing compter games, before you were born

6:16 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: I've been playing mindgames since you were born.

6:16 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Think of a number between 2 and 9

6:17 PM =F|A= AJ: 2.7182818284590452353602874713526624977572470936999

6:17 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Okay, step 2:

6:17 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Multiply that by 9


Sparhawk wins


Auto-Correct wars



W/ Ajreag


11:52 AM =F|A= Sparhawk: zooms, one sec, brb

11:52 AM =F|A= Sparhawk: ...

11:52 AM =F|A= Sparhawk: I hate auto-correct

11:52 AM =F|A= Sparhawk: *zomg


W/ Krauersaut:


8:49 AM =F|A= Sparhawk: Hey krater, wallhacker on beginners 24/7, no one else available

8:49 AM =F|A= Sparhawk: his name is .>>

8:49 AM =F|A= Sparhawk: I'm in spec, recording a demo as "frostbite"

8:50 AM =F|A=Krauersaut: krater? seriously?

8:50 AM =F|A= Sparhawk: I hate autocorrect -_-

8:50 AM =F|A=Krauersaut: make it learn my name.


W/ theReaper025:


3:46 PM thereaper025: PLAY

3:46 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: uh0uh

3:46 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: *uh-uh, screw auto-correrect

3:46 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: ...

3:46 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Eff this.


W/ Uncasid:


5:38 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: hey uncaused… he's actually right

5:38 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: wallhack

5:38 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: *uncasid

5:38 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: keeps editing when I say ur name, lol


8:39 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Hey uncaused, just wondering how to use vent?

8:39 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: *uncasid

8:40 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: I swear, I will rip apart my laptop if autocorrect trolls me one more time

(It did... R.I.P, Mac.)


W/ Zairan:


7:44 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: sublet left

7:44 PM zairan: ...

7:44 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: ...

7:44 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Need I say: Screw auto-coorect


7:44 PM zairan: LOL

7:56 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: You don't look bad at all

7:56 PM zairan: LOL

7:57 PM zairan: still

7:57 PM zairan: why torn between the two?

7:58 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Because you don't look bad, <3, but you are a sublet. <3

7:58 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: //rejected

7:58 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: :D lol

7:58 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: oh wait

7:58 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: it autocorrected it...

7:58 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: after sublet, it should have been </3 ....


6:57 PM zairan: why?

6:57 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Why what? Why doesn't Gubbi like you?

6:57 PM zairan: gabby likes me

6:57 PM zairan: *gubbi

6:57 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: haha!

6:57 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: auto-corrset hates u too

6:57 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Oh eff this thing

6:57 PM zairan: LOL

6:58 PM zairan: lol

6:58 PM zairan: XD

6:58 PM zairan: auto-corset

6:58 PM zairan: I don't want that XD




5:02 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Now you're just showing off :P

5:02 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Get console to say how smelly I am <3

5:02 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: WHAT!

5:02 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: WHAT!

5:02 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: I hate auto-correct!

5:03 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: I didn't say smelly!



Ouch... Screw you, auto-coorect/corset/correrect.



Welcome back to Battle of the Wits! Here, I go against the funny guy with the Wierd Beard, Corzy-cats!



8:25 PM Corey: hmm

8:25 PM Corey: accept or decline

8:25 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: ...

8:25 PM Corey: idk what to do!

8:25 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: wow

8:25 PM Corey: maybe block!

8:25 PM Corey: ugh

8:25 PM Corey: decisions

8:26 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: You sound like Joker

8:26 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Not a good thing.

8:26 PM Corey: just messin with ya

8:26 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: ...

8:26 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: *thinks, No $4!+, Sherlock.*

8:26 PM Corey: ive never talked to joker

8:26 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: rlly?

8:26 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: I envy you, keep it that way

8:27 PM Corey: :)

8:27 PM Corey: not many people message me

8:27 PM Corey: and i dont message anyone usually

8:27 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Probably just the spam dino and Gubbi, huh?

8:27 PM Corey: nope never talked to gubbi on xfire

8:27 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: wow

8:27 PM Corey: lol

8:27 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: you sir, have a gift

8:27 PM Corey: people are scared!

8:28 PM Corey: rarw

8:28 PM Corey: rawr

8:28 PM Corey: /me grrrrrrrrrrr

8:28 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: oh no, alexandra's replacement

8:28 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: And I thought that I could spam YOU....

8:28 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Big mistake on my part.

8:32 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: oh, screw you!

8:32 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Now I know why you didn't respond....

8:32 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: nice status update on forums -_-

8:32 PM Corey: LOL

8:32 PM Corey: wasnt me

8:32 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: ...

8:32 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Rlly.

8:34 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Sparklyhawk...

8:34 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: that's the worst one so far :(

8:34 PM Corey: i like it..

8:34 PM Corey: now if only you could get some colorin your name in game

8:34 PM Corey: make it pink

8:34 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: wow...

8:35 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: cause I'm totally gonna do that.

8:35 PM Corey: my name is pink and white in game

8:35 PM Corey: in ET that is

8:35 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: hmm, got an idea

8:35 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: get on cod4, I wanna kill you so many times

8:35 PM Corey: lol

8:36 PM Corey: /me falls asleep

8:36 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: plz?

8:36 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: Just let me kill you 100 times?

8:37 PM Corey: what server do you play on?

8:37 PM Corey: abnerdog or beginners

8:37 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: beginners

8:37 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: normally

8:37 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: and then once in a while no marty recruting

8:37 PM Corey: ok how about we get on different teams

8:37 PM Corey: and if i outscore you

8:37 PM Corey: you change your name to sparklyhawk

8:37 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: OMG

8:37 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: crap, high stakes...

8:37 PM Corey: lol

8:38 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: How bout I spam shoutbox as sparklyhawk, and update my wall and signature as sparklyhawk? Deal?

8:38 PM Corey: good enough

8:38 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: yay, Deal

8:38 PM Corey is now playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer

8:38 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: beginners or recruiting?

8:39 PM Corey: beinners

8:39 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: okey dokey

8:44 PM Corey stopped playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer

8:44 PM Corey is now playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer

8:53 PM =F|A= Sparhawk: ha


See "http://fearless-assa...amble-with-me/" to see the sad outcome :(


As a result of the bet: Corey wins round 4.


Damn, I gotta get him back.