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One year anniversary of being added to FAmily : >

Hello there. So, exactly one year ago Dare approved my apply. Wrote that blog to express my experience connected with F|A community.   Time passes so damn fast, I became F|A member exactly year ago but it seems to me like it happened few weeks ago. I'll shortly describe my ET experience.   First time I played ET was in 2006. Friend of mine recommended me that game so I downloaded it. To be honest, at the beginning I didn't like it at all. Played it for 10 minutes and removed it right away from my hard drive. After six months I wanted to play some fps game, didn't care which one. Friend reminded me of ET so I decided to download and install it again. First server I played on is still online although only bots play there. I was a typical dumb ass on server, didn't know that after pressing TAB teams show up so I was talking to bots when they killed me - I didn't know those were bots. Still remember those game messages "You suck", "Better give up" when loosing spree is getting higher. Oh, forgot to add. I started playing et on fueldump only server and played it for almost 2 years. After 3 or 4 months of playing, I found a server with people, no bots etc. The 'community' (something like 30 members) at that time was something amazing. I applied for membership and stayed there till it died due to lack of money to keep the server alive and founder's real life problems. After loosing my favorite server I stopped playing for almost a year. After a break I found that there is another fd only server with the same people so I immediately connected there (only admin was different). Have been there for 3 months and left because admin turned out to be a big fag. And then, F|A member (ArmTheInsane) contacted me (I was with him in my first clan) and encouraged me to play on F|A servers. At the beginning of playing on jay1 server I didn't know what was going on there. I was used to 24 slot servers. Soon after I joined roar! (great people and great community at that time). Been there for like 8 months and it died due to inactivity of members. Then I decided to apply for FA membership. I was told to be patient because recruitment process usually takes a while. I had to wait for almost 2 months and then, finally got approved. Still remember Rainier's "abuse" on me a moment before setting to lvl7. I must say that I learned a lot of things after joining FA. Now I exactly know how to deal with trouble makers, suspected cheaters, cheaters, tagstealers, stackers etc. etc. And I'm grateful for that.   And now the things I'm grateful the most. People in here are just awesome. Thanks to FA community I had a chance to get to know with people from all over the world. I never thought that I'll have an opportunity to talk with a person for example from India, Costa Rica, Argentina, USA, Australia etc etc. Atmosphere in here is great, I can always find somebody to talk with and I always have a lot of fun on servers (especially when it comes to abuse Tipsy, Kai or Hecken ^^). Now few people that I'm really grateful for. (I'd have to say something nice to everyone from the community - nobody would read that so I'll just write about few).   At first, Founders - thank you for the great community.   Dare - Thanks for responding on my messages lol ^^. I remember our conversation about FA beginnings. F|A is like a well-known company - started from zero, now it's a hero You're a great admin!   Tipsy - I've been stalking you since sometime. You're a great leader and don't you dare to leave us! Always fun to talk with, great sense of humor. Oh. almost forgot - you're the biggest knifehaxor in that community   Kai - Situation is similar to Tipsy's. I'm your stalker. Always fun to talk with, great sense of humor. I want to make an interview with you Mr.! Oh, you still didn't tell me how old are you. : >   Snake - you're a great guy. I must finally fix my ET and start scrimming again with you guys :> You're a great co-leader. Hm.. dunno what to tell now ^^ Cu on server!   Baska - byłaś chyba pierwszą osobą, do której się odezwałem jak zacząłem grać na serwerach FA : P Pamiętam jak może dzień po dołączeniu do roar! napisałaś mi, żebym dołączył tutaj ^^ You're on of the best evil admins in here.   Hulk - I think you are one of the best coleaders here. Always fun to talk with. I'm really glad that you decided to come back here after your 'retiring'. See you on server : )   Canos - energy beer is now my new favorite expression : D You're a great guy and I'm really happy to have you in F|Amily.   Speedfact - I started playing cod4 maybe a month ago and I think you were the first person I got to know on Hardcore server. I hope you'll read that when you come back home. ; )   Kristy - my beloved Kristy : > What can I say? You're the best and I always have fun during our conversations : >   Hecken - our lovely hecken lol. You're always happy when I'm slapping you, have a great sense of humor. I hope founders will give you back !slap and !pants commands ^^   Douglas - our beloved douglina ^^ You are one of the best people I met here. What else can I say?   Chuckun - you're the best man : D you care a lot about community, your "Smartbrowser" is awesome and I'm still using it. Keep up the good work man. ; )   Smoke - you are one of the people in here I get on the most. Always fun to talk with. You’re like jay2 camper ^^ you should visit jay1 once a while and have a knifewar with me and Tipsy : >   Hannah - What can I say? I love you! you have a great personality and great leadership qualities (F|Amily game nights is something amazing) : ) I'll visit you someday in NY! : )   Mattle - like somebody on server wrote, you can't be blamed cuz you are too cute - will never forget that : D   Okay, enough. I think it's already too much to read. : > Once again wanted to say thank you. It was a great year, looking forward to start a next one!



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