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Fallout 4

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So Fallout 4 is out now, also Battlefront comes out next week. Might not be playing as much ET as usual but i will stay active on fourms. Also thoughts and opinions on both games? Personally i have been immersed in Fallout 4, it's so much fun! Little tweaks to things here and there really makes it feel good. Of course i've had my fair share of problems with the game but its to be expected and will most likely be patched out soon. Anyway would love to hear what everyone thinks!!

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haven't tried FO4 yet. Console edition seems to be doing well. Pc edition not so much. Totalbiscuit has labelled it a pretty bad port with tons of bugs on PC. it's a Bethesda game, so gamebreaking bugs are to be expected.


The worst ones will probably be patched in the next few months, if not by the developer, at least by modders.


Battlefront beta was great. Hoth battle kicked ass. A little one sided for the empire's side, but still fun. The survival mode only had one level, but it was pretty good too. Would like to see the final product before I can give whole judgement though.



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Haven´t tried out Fallout series yet, tried NV but after Bioshock marathon I felt not playing the game with very similar design over again...

Still reading posts about this game, to see if its worth to try if the price drops? IF;)



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Im playn Fallout 4 now, and its fakin amazing  :P

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