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Cleaning up my computer

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So am I starting to backup all of my music, etc. in preparation for a complete cleaning up of my computer and clean re-installing of all of its original programs/files. Does anyone know if I should do anything to preserve my game profile?

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Save your etkey if you are running out of space on external hard drive.

etkey should be in etmain folder if you are using XP.
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If you are using vista then it should be in:
C:Usersuser name AppDataLocalPunkBusterETetmain

If you have space I suggest back up whole wolfenstein folder and when u re install back just copy paste back to primary partition.

In this way you will not have to even download any thing back. :)



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if you have an autoexec or other cfg with settings and binds in it, you'd want to copy that too so you won't have to change your controls after a reinstall.

you might want to archive custom maps you have downloaded to save re-downloading them too..

what i do is 1) i have a big cfg package ( 12 cfgs ) that i keep a separate copy of elsewhere and 2) i have a folder with a backup of every map i have ever downloaded for wolf ( like 200+ maps !! ) -- so i can copy/paste these into any new installation.

the etkey is what identifies you on servers for purposes of admin levels and XP saved. if you keep that you will have your XP when you reinstall.

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