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Oniishan's son weighs over 7600 pounds!

- - - - - number systems decimals thousands

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    What does this thing do? I will push it and see...

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Not really, but I just read a post on his wall saying his son had then weighed "3,450 kg".  In my culture's number-system that would be read as "three-thousand, four-hundred and fifty kilograms", or over seven thousand pounds.  His system would write my number probably as "3 450 kg" or maybe as "3 450,00 kg".


We international gamers are going to run into similar situations from time to time.   :)


Wikipedia topic:  http://en.wikipedia....ki/Decimal_mark



While we are on numbers, there is some international confusion over the names of numbers of over a million.  In some countries, a billion is a thousand million, while in others, it means a million million.  In some countries, a trillion is a thousand billion and in others it is a billion billion.  Those are the "short scale" and the "long scale" systems and the values of the common names do diverge quickly.  Scientific notation, anyone?   :D


http://encyclopedia....nd short scales 



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no matter how hard I try I just can't read through the second part...what sorcery is this ??? 




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What weighs more.. a feather, or a brick? :hmm

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