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United States Postal Service is a mess...

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I ranted about this a while back but it keeps happening.


I ordered my software for this new build I am doing from two different states;  Indiana and California.


I ordered both softwares at the same time and they were shipped on Tuesday the 24th before noon.


They were shipped in the exact same manner...USPS first class pkg.


The one from Indiana arrived the 27th (Friday) before 11:00 am. The one from California will not get

here till Tuesday, October 1st.  WTF!  The one from California is only 600 miles away from me.

But Indiana is over 2000 miles from me. It takes the USPS truck 2 days to go from LA to Portland.  I can

send a letter to my son, who is 425 miles from me, and it will get there the next day.


Now this has been happening for several years now.  One order from CA took nine days to get here.

It only took the Pony Express 7 days to go from St. Louis to San Francisco.



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UPS, packages...


Good chance every non-connecting states interstate package goes over the worldport. And then it's a number of timing; if the CA flight left just before arrival of your package, you'll lose one or two days. Take that over the weekend and here we are :P Another option is it is using a smaller hub, with less frequent flights.



/me worked for about 3 years for a package delivery where I delivered to the homes. Currently I work -although not on that project- for a company that has UPS as a major customer. I've been quite interested in these subjects for some reason; mainly the scheduling of those :P

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