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- - - - - how to keep focussed

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Forgot to explain that this is a trailer for a book called "You are not so smart". It is an interesting and intriguing book about the human mind. And the title refers or try to say: here is some stuff you don't know about your self. It isn't meant to be offensive, it is to get the reader to read the book.

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Sounds cool man :)



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The best thing I found useful during my studies was to get rid of distractions.

You need to be really strict on yourself, get family and friends to help. 

Get them to confiscate your phone, deactivate facebook, get software that tracks the time you use programs and internet etc.

The thing to do is just limit your hobbies but obviously give yourself some free time, I started with hardcore revision by the hours but as it got closer I to the exams I gave myself more free time to do what I want as a way to calm myr nerves and relieve the stress. Everybody is different you just need to experiment and find the one that works. 

I attempted using a revision timetable but I could never stick to it due to unexpected issues (I had no contingency on the timetable so that's probably why I couldn't stick to it).

My main advice is too just stop being lazy, don't panic and get to grips that revision works and gets you those grades.
I hope you find the right revision methods and do well, best of luck.

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