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A serious word about cigarettes you may not know...

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Thanks for the advice. Don't smoke anyways apart from the odd cigar.

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Not smoking is a better option. But then smoking is a personal decision, everyone should have the choice. There is alot of rhetoric around the associated costs of smoking, but its mostly bollocks. Why do people care if I am healthy or not ? I dont care about your health, damn hippies.

Alcohol is a much worse drug IMO.




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Well i am glad I am not 1 of those 14 year olds that smoke lol. But I know smoking is everyone opinion but eventually you will die and will have a shorter life. All I can say is Enjoy your lives while they last. I just won't ever touch one of those s**ts in my lifetime.



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If you want someone to stop smoking, just ask him to race you without a warmup.. haha I laugh my ass out everytime... most of smoker smoke becasue they think it calms them down, it's in their minds, some and I say SOME are just weak .....

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