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Spitfires Buried in Burma To Be Excavated

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Interesting story. There are plenty of others such as this that have been floating around since the end of the war. Many of them include pillaged sacred artifacts from various countries as well. Nice post!



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Just watched a movie about the island of Tarawa. Was one of the last offensives fought in the Pacific during WWII. Thousands of men died on this beach trying to end WWII with Japan. Today, the very same beach these men are buried under, is covered in shit, garbage, plastic bags....
It struck a note with me, having had close family in the same war. Is this how we honour, and sanctify a hollowed battle-ground? To allow such a battle ground fall into such degradation by it's own people? Is that acceptable? How would you feel if your grandfather died there, and now it's completely covered by garbage?
What did they fight for? Who did they fight for?
There is a great short-fall in the US Gov't trying to fix this situation as well.
I dunno, sparked a moment of passion with me.

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