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Ouch this must be hurt

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Panini*[email protected]

Panini*[email protected]

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On the road to fame

I don't think that would be possible. Deers have impossibly sharp hooves. A year ago in Yosemite, a boy was killed by a fawn when it just stabbed him in the chest.

Well I guess you could try.. that is if you actually cared about your dog unlike the person with the camera..

Ahh that's horrible :(

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This actually happened in my province where I live haha
the Goverment used it as a marketing tool to get dogs on leashes or something like that



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Lol really animal cruelty? How? Think of your kid(s) (if you have any), you wouldn't do everything to protect them? That cat had it coming and so did that dog.

I love animals, but rlly come on. There is so much worse in the world that we have to worry about, instead of a deer protecting its baby.

What heck was the owner suppose to do and how do you know that the dog and cat belonged to the person video taping??



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Unknown at this point
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promise you i wouldve been beating a deer to death in no time flat if that was my dog. promise.

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