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  1. sorry, i didnt remember i did a topic of this... sorry and thanks!!
  2. i have this problem....
  3. im trying to connect jay1 and this little window: is there a new version of ET??? error servers.lnk
  4. this is a little funny....
  5. Matasanos

    Lag issues

    I had a very similar problem, but in my case, it was the Microsoft Onedrive that was making me wait, because I was uploading my videos to the cloud, so I deactivated it and it helped me a lot. you can look for some applications in the background that could delay the game ...
  6. right now Logitech MX Anywhere 2s... is cool but the softwere stink a little hehehe
  7. While I watched the video, I pressed the key several times to open the console hahaha
  8. thanks Red, i did the option 1, and its say just Matasanos in the profile name... so i did the second and it say Matasanos to... so i went to the 3rd option, and appears my nick just in white... so i guess it could fix the issue, but, i remember these optios i maded some time ago and sometimes happens the thing that Buck´s saw, and sometimes my nickname apears as =FA=Matasanos, and i have to restart the game to fix it... i hope this actions could fix this issue.... thanks again Red!!
  9. ok.... and how i could edit it, if i can found ??
  10. oh damn,, i posted in the wrong section, can some1 help to move to the right place????
  11. hallo mates, today joined to jay1, and buckwild contact me via PM, and he said me my profile say "FA Matasanos"... and yes, as i said before, i was FA member and i left cuz has no time to be in the game every day... but, i dont know how to change that whithout i get ban from console. Once i tried to change and i got 1 day banned (or more, i dont remember, that was long time ago), the console told me that i was supplanting, my own account!! lol so, im asking how i can change that?? thanks for the support guys...
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