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  1. i have been in this hobbie about 4 years ago, and nowdays i have an amazonian biotope....
  2. hey guys, thanks to the new website i can join again to te forums, for some reason since 2015 cannot sing in the other web, so, im here again, regards to everybudy!!
  3. Hello people, i know this post couldnt interst to some people, but i want show you my actual hobbie..... the art of planted aquariums... this is how i started: http:// then: http:// and finaly: http:// so, this aquarium goes out of control, but this "out of control" was very controlated by my..... but i wanted some diferent kind of planted aquarium and i decided transfomr this aquatic rainfores to a amaznic biotope... so this is his first days as biotope (i know, ther are some asian plants (Cryptocorine balansae and Cryptocorine wenditti): http:// some days after.... http:// and this is how was at this last weekend... the only asian plant in this tank still the cryptocorine wenditti, it will be used in another proyect... http:// well... as i said, this is my hobbie, so, i have this little guy in my room: http:// and the last year had this one, buto its fail beacause the sylicone... http://http://i923.photobucket.com/albums/ad79/matasanosphotobuc/Acuarios/20141018_155144.jpg i hope you can enjoy....i will move from this house the next year, so, i think there will be some changes.... oh i forgot... this is a little demo of the lamp in the amazonic biotope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbg8ySnhPbA
  4. well at last im not the guy of the number one LOL....
  5. yes,, i fixed this last night,, i glad to have a good teamates in this forum... thank you guys!! LuCky AnG3l, RedBaird, scram an von Ratala !!
  6. thanks scream,, i posted this on Jaymod forums
  7. You say " dont use your tags".So, i will not able to play anymore?? if i dont put tags en Jay2 they kicked me, if i use tags on Jay1, its kicked me...
  8. Hello guys,as everyone, i tried to play on Jay1 today and its kicked me because my tags,.. i´ve delete this,, and reconnected, and i´ve asked to set me level... some1 told me, i have to post or send a code and ask to set level in some section called "inactive members" or something like that... so, i went to Jay2 and member online asked me my tags.. when i tryed, the vertical line on =F|A= tag didnt work (as you look, here apear with no problem), =F|A=LuCky help me and he renamed me, but, with every new map, my tags were changed. So, How i could got back my level on Jay1 and, how i can activate the "=F|A= vertical line on my tag??
  9. Happy Birthday Matasanos!

  10. Matass matass :)

  11. Matasanos


    i see death people.....
  12. Happy Birthday Sushi///!

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