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  1. As you readed in the my latest post, i got a new Laptop, it was a gift from my wife, as i said, the economics in my country are not ok, but my wife where saving some money, and, where she saw the older lap start to fail, she buy a new one, its a Acer Nitro5, with Intel 5, 4gb ram (that will be upgraded in the future), 1tb hard disc, 16gb Intel Optane (this thing is amazing, it like some AI, thats help the ram and the processor, Nvidia 1050m with 4gb. Its not much, actually it could be taken as entry level gamming laptop cuz the I5, but i just play ET wolfenstein, and use to my job and my wife job. Im happy Ps. I tryied to put a picture but the server just let me upload small images so, i had to take a screenshot from the picture lol yes, im not at my home...
  2. Matasanos

    Miss ET sounds

    Guys guys!! I have a very good news!! I got a brand new Laptop!! And thats not all,, its an entry level Gamer Laptop!! Ill show this soon and i will see you soon at the game!!! Im so happy!!
  3. Lol looks like "come here, i have you vaccines... No daaaady!! Dont like syringes!!!"
  4. Matasanos

    Other PUBG

    Im playing this game while i get another laptop... My nickname is Hugomatasanos, but the game, put you automatically in servers whit peps whit the same language.
  5. Matasanos

    Miss ET sounds

    Im a medic in a real life and the only one with professional career in my family, and i cant buy or fix my laptop, fking gob we have in my country, i cant get more thingh than food services and some clothes, the gasoline comes so expensive and with it every product uper its prices, but my salary got frozzen since2 years ago... ... Pff
  6. Matasanos

    Miss ET sounds

    It has 10 years.. It have an old intel (du no wich one) with graphics integrated, 4gb ram... But theproblem is with OS and the charger connection...
  7. Matasanos

    Miss ET sounds

    Guys, i miss so hard, the sounds and graphics of the game... My laptop died and i cant play... Dunno when i could buy a new one... I want play with all you guys...
  8. i dont Know him, but Congrats mate!!
  9. i´m to poor, that i cant even see the photos..... !! man congrats!!!
  10. Matasanos


    This is beautyful..... https://twitter.com/virgingalactic?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1073461961088585728&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tiempo.com.mx%2Fnoticia%2F163387-turismo_viaje_al_espacio_video_vuelo_nave_virgin_galactic_spaceshiptwo%2F1

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