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Brink Weapon Tweaks in new patch

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Brink Weapon Tweaks Detailed

Alongside today's game update, the PC version of Brink also received a big bundle of weapon tweaks put together by Brink team balancing council. Among other things, heavy weapons and grenade launchers are getting a boost, while SMGs are dialled back a bit. Very nearly everything else gets tickled with the balancing stick, as well, so there's literally something for everyone.

Keep reading for the full list of adjustments.

  • All pistols: Knockdown accuracy increased
  • Tokmak spread reduced to be more even
  • Tokmak recoil reduced
  • Tokmak pistol reload time slightly reduced
  • Kalt spread is tighter
  • Kalt recoil increased
  • Kalt pistol reload time slightly reduced
  • Sea Eagle slightly less accurate
  • Sea Eagle spread made more even instead of being tight
  • Sea Eagle pistol reload time slightly increased

Sub Machineguns
  • Kross max spread slightly increased
  • Tampa max spread slightly decreased
  • Tampa slightly more jittery when fired
  • Tampa SMG damage slightly increased
  • Carb-9 SMG damage slightly reduced
  • Carb-9 has even spread, instead of clustering towards the centre
  • Carb-9 recoil slightly increased
  • Carb-9 slightly less accurate

Assault Rifles
  • AR base ammo + 1 magazine, except Rockstedi
  • Gerund recoils more quickly under sustained fire
  • Rhett recoil now more manageable under sustained fire
  • Frkn3k damage increased
  • Frkn3k refire rate increased
  • Frkn3k triple burst recoil changed to make the weapon behave better
  • Frkn3k accuracy changed to act similarly to that of the other ARs when moving/not in ironsights
  • Euston max spread increased for some stances (crouch, standing, walking)
  • Euston spread rate slightly reduced overall
  • Rokstedi slightly more accurate in ironsights

  • Hjammerdeim heavy shotgun heavy shotgun damage increased
  • Hammerdjeim heavy shotgun magazine increased from 8 to 12, where the modulo is 3. Ammo count changed to reflect new magazine size
  • Hammerdjeim recoil reduced
  • Hjammerdeim reload time slightly reduced
  • Hjammerdeim refire rate increased
  • Mossington spread is now more even, along with the Hammerdjeim (used to be almost ring shaped)
  • Mossington initial spread is increased but doesn't grow as much per shot
  • Mossington has slightly more recoil

Grenade Launchers
  • EZ-Nade splash damage radius significantly increased Lobster grenade punt damage significantly increased
  • Lobster reload time increased
  • Lobster splash damage radius increased
  • Lobster running accuracy reduced to be the same as walking/crouch/ironsight

Heavy Machineguns
  • All HMGs: Minimum spread while running reduced to be the same as that for walking
  • Chinzor HMG damage slightly increased
  • Chinzor HMG recoil slightly reduced
  • Maximus HMG damage slightly increased
  • Maximus HMG recoil slightly reduced
  • Gotlung minigun damage significantly increased
  • Gotlung minigun reload time slightly increased
  • Gotlung Minigun minimum spread increased to work in line with its damage increase

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