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Who has an Android based phone? Rooted or Unrooted? What customizations have you done with it, and what apps do you use? Post pic's of your screens. In the process of customizing my HTC Evo. Let me see what you have done!:geek:

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Kankeli <3

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I have a Nokia C7-00, it is Symbian so I do not know anything about Android :(



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I have a Nokia C7-00, it is Symbian so I do not know anything about Android :(

ROFL! so if you use a nokia based on symbian, why you replied this topic? Symbian suck since the last year, in fact nokia will be based on windows7.
Post your ss Krazy, i want a HTC, but is so hard get one in here, i just heard about 'dream' or something like that.



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I have the Galaxy S 4G, unrooted because I don't want to void my warranty YET. Specs: Click Here

I have a bunch of games such as Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, PES 2001, Gangstar HD, and Asphalt 6: Adrenaline (lol I downloaded all of my games for free from a website)..and some good or useful apps would be xfmobile, App2SD, Poweramp, Barcode Scanner, Pandora, Ebuddy, and Tunein Radio. (for me atleast)

The only customizations I have is Go Launcher EX with the Tron Legacy theme, but using the Blux AS theme's wallpaper. I also have Better Keyboard 8, just for a skin that matches my theme and background lol.

Sorry but atm, idk how to take a SS of my themes and keyboard except for getting my other camera and taking a pic lol

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Ch11m33y aka. ChiLLy<3

Ch11m33y aka. ChiLLy<3

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HTC Desire Z... its sleeping now so i dont want to wake it.... lol but srsly i havent made much customization but if u want things from the market free.... try 4shared.com :)

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