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For you Japanese speakers

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Good night everyone. So I thought I might as well give it a go, since naturally it helps tremendously with language skills to actually USE the language in live conversation. If anyone out there would like to practice their conversational skills, feel free to hit me up on xfire. If I were to judge myself modestly, I would say I would be on a lower-mid intermediate scale of proficiency with limited knowledge of kanji. If you don't want to use xfire, you can use my forum profile to communicate as well, if that suits you better.


I'm just throwing this out there. So if anyone is interested, by all means, feel free to drop me a message. :thanks

xfire: dcmknight

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Another great way to learn the language and make new friends abroad, not sure if you tried this, is by penpal. Japan-guide.com is one that I tried and met a few people that are helping me with my studies. Still quite a way from speaking it fluently, but in case I get stranded out in Japan one day, know a few people that might help me out lol :D



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Fail google translate?

Speaking of lenguage, you can speak with me in portuguese, spanish, german and english! :)



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僕は日本語がとても下手ですね :(

no google translate, but low--- skill here, nay pokemon skill

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