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Jaymod 2 problems ????

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Hi there i don't know what the prob was but get kicked by jay2 several times today

here is a screen (thanks to Yama310 for making this) Posted Image

i don't think that i lag and don't know what the PB message meaning

here is a screen shot taken after first kick and instant reconnect
Posted Image
could anyone explain me what happened ???

Thanks in advance !!

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That happens because their can be only one unique GUID on server.

1. You got disconnect for some reason. But server still thinks you are on server.
2. Now you join server. - Result server see 2 same GUID at a same time. It says i am programmed not to allow this and when this happens I am supposed to kick that GUID.

Result: It kicks you out.

Solution: Join after 5 mins and let us know.

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