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Some random tricks to try

Posted by F257, 22 September 2009 · 175 views

Google Images slideshow

Sourced from this site

This is a rather nice trick to try . First go to Google Images and type anything you want to search - dogs, sticks, prons etc .

Then clear the address bar and paste the following in

javascript:R= 0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI= document.images ; DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i<DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=Math. sin(R*x1+ i*x2+x3)* x4+x5; DIS.top=Math. cos(R*y1+ i*y2+y3)* y4+y5}R++ }setInterval('A()',5); void(0)

There are other varations to try out too . See Here

Changing Vists Bubbles

If you have Vista you may want to look at this

Changing Vista Bubbles Screensaver

One thing i found was that when renanimg the file, best to rename it something other than bubbles.htm, e.g mubbles.htm

Eicar Test File

You may have done this before.

X5O![email protected][4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H*

Copy and past the above into notepad , save as 'eicar' , and scan with you anti-virus. It should be detected. see more on The Wiki Page