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Home PC Hacked

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Thanks to everyone for all the help.


I was originally using Multi Virus Cleaner and it did not detect anything.


I have been playing ET on Linux so when I turn this home computer on I usually just go into Linux. I mainly use Windows for MS Office stuff I bring home for work - like updating Excel sheets and testing VBA scripts in Access databases. I also have MSVB so I write code in there too. We have a lot of front end apps for Oracle databases where I work.


My wife and our brokeass friends & family come to our house and use the computer with Windows XP SP2. They screw it up all the time. I have re-installed XP so many times I forgot to put Norton on it last time.


It was running slow so I installed Norton SystemWorks (legit copy lol) and it found the virus described above. Norton finds stuff the other programs don't find, but you don't always know if they are really bad or just have features that appear viral to Norton.


So Norton is good imho, I know half the people would disagree but that is fine.

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Norton is a good program. The people who dont like it who tried it are the dumbasses who didnt get the correct version

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