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New Setup!

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Recently did some upgrades to my gaming set up. Pretty pleased with it.


My previous setup was a laptop with a 15" monitor, lol. Its amazing I was able to see anyone.

IMG 2016



Upgraded to a new 24" 144hz monitor. Corsair Void Headset. Steelseries Qck Heavy, Logitech G610 mechanical gaming keyboard, And put new feet on my deathadder.

IMG 2017


Its not as exuberant and some of your setups I know, but it was a massive upgrade for me. It's like playing a whole new game.

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So you connected your monitor to you laptop. At least you see not anything else but your coffee cup also;)


Did you notice any difference when switching to 144Hz mode.

I know I notice it, sometimes my monitor defaults to 60Hz and it just feels so slow and wrong then.


What´s you laptop specs?

I hope the N key rollover for 26 keys works on the left side, quite annoying when pressing Sprint+crouch+forward+side and trying to switch weapons and some of the keys won´t register...

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I noticed a massive difference when switching to the higher refresh rate. I was dropping frames on the laptop. The keyboard is a very nice multi-press gaming keyboard. I haven't noticed any missed presses. There is a small learning curve going from the flat keys of a laptop to a mechanical keyboard.



Asus Intel i7-4510 CPU @ 2.00GHz  2.60GHz

RAM: 8.00GB

Graphics: NVIDIA GE Force 840m

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