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Maximo Decimo

Taking Vacations =)

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Thanks you guys, i promise i will bring you all some nice pics and some naked pics lol


@Papito: te prometo una fransesa bien peluda y altota jajajaja

@Krazy: i will go to Rome, Florence and Venice =)

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Hello everyone. Im sorry that these days i havent been able to play on the server and is because im working hard in the office to have everything update on work. The reason is that im going to take my job´s vacations this saturday and guess where im going to go in my free time: in Europe =)


I have been planning this travel for 6 months (and saving money for like a year lol) and now on Jun 26th the airplane flights from Hermosillo to Mexico City and Mexico City to Madrid, Spain. There, i am gonna spend 2 weeks visiting Italy, France, England and Spain of course. I hope everything go nice and great =)

I gonna take a lot of photos and share with you guys as soon as possible.


Once again im sorry guys for being ausent these lately days. Im going to miss you all this days =(

But when i return im promise that i will go to panser every ass that get in my way :)

See you later guys and have fun :hi


PD: to every pub players, please keep the server clean for me ;)



Maximo Decimo

Oh man thats awsome.... I wish I was on vacation.

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