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200 posts on forums and want to thank everyone so far for some great times

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This is by no means a resignation post... why would I even think of leaving?!


Right now I am on vacation and don't have the computer i normally play games on, so have just been surfing the forums mostly. For my 200'th post on the forums I wanted to make a short post to thank everyone and share some of the most fun and best experiences with the =F|A= clan. However I don't have all the screenshots and chats and stuff from my other computer about funny moments and thinks I treasure from playing. So instead I just wanted to write a short post to thank everyone for making my time here so far a lot of fun and I hope for many more good times together!!


I have made some friends here and learned a lot of important lessons on how to admin and play the game. I have learned how to control my anger in the game (lol who am i kidding), camp properly and piss people off at the same time, and gain some respect for myself and for others. I hope to be able to continue being part of the clan and community and hopefully in the future put aside more time to play and make enough money to donate on a regular basis.


Thanks again and see y'all at the gameday coming up. also prepare INSURGENCY PLAYERS to have your asses handed to you once i learn how to play :)


best, Adam


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