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Upside down pointer? Please explain...


I've been meaning to post this for a while and sorry for this 'noobish' question but:


What's with the upside down FA arrow in main screen (before choosing the mod)? Is there any purpose? and any way of fixing it? I launch ET, then when i want to launch a mod (nq for example..) half of the time it will launch the mod right above it  B) ...

I tried removing this 'custom'.pk3 but every time i connect it will automaticly download this 'flawed' pointer...


Sure the first time i smiled thinking the guy that made this arrow was prolly drunk when he created it....But after a while it gets kind of boring though.


Any tips? I'd appreciate.. 


And sry if there is already a post related to this issue... i honnestly didn't have the courage of browsing through hundreds of topics.



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It's only happening on et legacy. DD would have to update and restart all servers to fix it. If you have lots of troubles with it you could either downgrade to 2.60b where cursor is fine or switch to silent severs where we don't have any custom cursors :P

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