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How to embed YouTube Videos on F|A Forums

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After observing a few requests by many on how to embed YouTube Videos on F|A Forums, I thought I would write a tutorial to showcase and guide users on how to do that. I admit I faced the same issue before when I was a new user in this forum and was submitting my software in the Downloads Section. I manage to figure it out after trying out some commonly used BBCodes. Before I continue with the tutorial, I would like to point out one important point that users should take note of when embedding videos from Video Hosting Websites on F|A Forums - Users should not abuse this feature by embedding many videos in one post. This would be considered spamming which is not acceptable.

Guide on How to embed YouTube Videos on F|A Forums :

Lets begin with a scenario. You have uploaded a video on a Video Hosting Website eg. YouTube and wants to embedded your YouTube Video on F|A Forums. In this tutorial, we will be using my RestoreET Demostration Video which is hosted on YouTube as an example.

Method 1 :

1. Go to your YouTube Video Page eg. 

2. Copy your YouTube Video Link.

3. Add the Media BBCode to your YouTube Video Link.

Your resulting code :


4. Paste the code from the previous step in your post and then submit your post.

5. You have successfully embed your YouTube Video on F|A Forum.

Method 2 :

Alternatively, you can go to the Toolbar of your post and select the Special BBCode icon (It should look like a photo icon.) and select the Media BBCode. Paste your YouTube Video Link under the Media Url Section and then click Ok.

Method 3 :

You can just paste the YouTube Video url directly in your post. You do not have to link it.

Just paste the following code to your post :

Result :

I hope this guide helps you. Thank you.

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