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At the eve of a new year

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As we are all getting in the festivity of christmas and the new year soon , where the family meeting and the awesome gift are about to be unwrap . i was thinking , why not giving a lil something to keep our awesome servers and forum up and running ? Wouldn t be great to complete our 100% for 2015 and even crazier to start 2016 with 5%-10% + donations?? There is no small amount , 2$,5$,10$,20$,1000$ ;) every cash received go directly to your =F|A=fun zone. Maby your sibling need gift idea?!?!? Why not talk them about the vip membership?? Lets keep =F|A= alive for ever :) now all that been said , i wish y all a merry Christmas, happy holidays and happy new year!!! Love ya =F|A='s <3

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