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Your invite to our Evolve FA group

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Hello everyone,


EvolveHQ is getting more and more established. The majority of members have accounts.

However, Evolve has one pretty cool feature that is currently used by some people, but probably not all know about it. The feature called groups.

We have a Fearless Assassins group where we hang out, crack jokes together and you can also see other players/members/leads. You can right click members of the group and add them to your friend list, you can see who is playing what game.


Feel free to join us and to hang out:



How to join groups:

- Log in online and follow the link

- Click on the join button



- open the group section in your chat client

(double click to join)

(autojoin to automatically join group when evolve starts) this makes things easier


- Welcome to the Fearless assassins group

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Nice write up, easy to understand, although I have one question, could this be moved to tutorials and then pinned in tutorials?

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