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ACID'S R-NADE MORTARING GUIDE (Gold rush) - Enemy Territory

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First of all...


What the fak is a R-Nade Mortar?


Basically, you aim at the sky and kill somebody. That's it.




The skybox of the maps can provide you useful visual cues to aim specific positions of the map.


How to follow this tutorial:


There are basically 2 phases:


Setup: This is where we will position our player on a specific spot.


Aiming: This is where we will position our crosshair on a specific spot.


I studied these spots for the purpose of being actually reliable on an actual game ( I focused more on jaymod matches), you shouldn't take no more than 6 seconds to do the shooting once you get used to these spots.





IMPORTANT NOTE: This guide contains gif instead of video to provide faster access to a specific spot of interest, so make sure you don't miss them.




Spot 1 :


At the very beggining of the allied first spawn go to the closed door on the right side, you want to hug this door and stay on the left side of the door frame.


GIF: http://i.imgur.com/3X0mFNI.webm



Look at the sky, CROUCH and aim for this star:









and it will land on the stairs outside of axis spawn:



Spot 2:


At that very same setup spot, turn a little bit to the left and you will see two stars very close to each other. Our are of interest is located a little bit to the right of those two stars:




Why? at simple sight you may not see nothing, but when using your binocs you will see a pixelated star on the northeast side of those two stars:







Now Shoot:




and it will land outside of Axis spawn. This can be very useful for early kills at the beggining of the match:





Spot 3:


This is probably the most useful of them all, but the setup is the hardest to get used to it. We want to go to the left side outside of the bank. The floor has some patterns on their textures and the one we are interested in is this dot that is darker than the rest of the texture. We want to stand at the dot that is closer to the stairs.








Here's the GIF version for the setup:




Once you are set, aim directly above and you will see a pair of stars. What you want to do is to use your crosshair and make an imaginary triangle using your crosshair as a "fake star".






Now Shoot:




and it will land on the most common allied mortar spot:




Spot 4 :


Right outside of the first axis spawn, head to the hallway where the first tank barrier is located and on the left you will see another closed door. Once again, hug the door, but this time get stuck to the right side of the door frame:





While standing, put your crosshair at this area:



Now shoot:




and it will land on a common axis mortar position (jaymod):






Now it's your turn to look at the stars and find your own useful spots to take the enemy by surprise!


Thanks for reading.



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