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Trouble making custom vsays.


Hey guys,


After seeing some funny custom vsays come by on the servers, i decided to make a few of my own.

I read the tutorial and know how to make a custom vsay, but there's only 1 small problem.

All my custom vsays are small letters.


When i give the command f.e.


/bind p vsay hi HELLO!!


and press p after hitting enter, what appears in the chat is: hello!!


Can anybody help me with this? If not then it's a problem i'll have to live with :(


:bye_2:  G0dl!ke

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/set my_hello_bind "vsay Hi HELLO!"

/bind p vstr my_hello_bind



You might also try:

/bind p "vsay hi HELLO!"

I can not remember if that will work or not.

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