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Luger Reskinning/Model Problems & Suggestion


Hello Once again guys,


Ive been looking up for luger skin/models but i couldnt find alot where as colt skins has many,

Perhaps, ive tried to take out different pistol skins from different types of mod to add it for luger for example, etnam mod pistols and starwars pistol, ik its not that easy to take out the pistol skins from these mods and reskin them with luger but however, i need a little help from you guys to mention me any pistol(NOT Colt) skins for luger so i could reskin them because i dont see alot of mods creating a reskin for luger.


 i dont know whats causing the problem,I mean after making the pk3 and comparing/renaming the files which looks like in pak0, i tested it on my local host but it only shows me the normal luger after reskinning everything, Here are the examples ive made :-

1)I took some tokarev pistol skins from ETnam folder and i made and renamed the files which r more exactly looking like in the pak0 luger files, but it didnt work also

~ Take a look on the golden colts mod which was created by beo(not sure what was his name) but his one works, idk how did he made the reskin of his colt working perfectly

2)I took the Blaster Pistol skins and its sound from the Starwars mod file and tried to do the same(Creating a pk3 and renaming it in the way of pak0 luger files) but that didnt worked after testing it in local host and i got confused more assuming that theres a thing i forgot to put or whats causing it etc.


PS: I am just doing these reskins for my pistol war event 
ive tried digging everything from the other mod's files but i cant make them work properly 



- Hani

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