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My Holiday Announcement

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Ohhaaii everyone =D

I know... it has been quite a while ago I've last posted Something on the forum.
But I want you to know that I'll be on holiday in Tunisia from Wednesday, June 24 until Wednesday, July 8.
Sooo don't panic when there's no kitten around >.<

I also want to apologize for my Stubborn admin behavior. I'd like to explain Something, I didn't really 'not follow other members their advice' but I rather explained my own theoretical opinion about Some admin matters.
Apparently that came as an 'offence' to a few fellow members. Members have the right to tell their own opinions. Much has changed on NQ1 and I'm quite afraid it might one day change too much...

Other than that I'm gonna miss you guys... After all, I'll be gone for 2 weeks.
And a few people might be like: yaaay k!tty's gone for 2 weeks !!!


And I'll be like: v44 You're welcome !!! >.<
Meeeooowww :omgcat:

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Dunno how difficult it can be to understand that you should keep difficulties private, between the people you have these difficulties with. But that could just be me.


Enjoy your holidays :) Bring some pics if you can!

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