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Interesting...Free speech.

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I saw a small clip of this on Facebook and went to find the debate, found it fairly interesting... Sharing this not to cause an issue but sharing how ignorant people can be to racism...



I agree with everything said against Tommy Robinson... Just seeing what other people view on this, because I hate racism and I can't see how people can approve racism... The issue in this country isn't Islams it isn't all the other ethic groups, the issue in this country is the racism because people are so blinded that they think that the whole ethic group are extremist when actually it is a small, tiny minority of that ethic group that are extremist... I think it is rather pathetic, you hear of racism in football... I can find number of articles on racism in football, about several players that have either moved teams or countries just down to being racial abused, you hear of racism on social network sites and people having to deactivate there accounts, you hear of people not getting jobs due to ethic background... The issue here is not the ethic groups it is today's society that is so messed up and I disagree with it, I for one hate racism... just to be interesting what people views are on what is said in this video. The person I agree with in this video most is what Akala said.


Oh yeah one rule... No fighting.



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