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Home theater setup....I need help Please.

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He guys I have a question.  I got new Samsung 8550 65 inch uhd.  Also have a new Yamaha a/v reciever with 4kpassthrough.  I have it hooked up this way and it works fine just want to know if I am loosing any video uhd hd quality?  Satelite box is going straight to reciever, Blu-ray is straight to receiver.  Then though the arc output from the reciever to the back of tv to the arc hdmi.  THis way it looks great but just don't know if I should go sateite box straight to back of tv.  And just have the reciever to arc....hence to separate hdmi instead of just the arc connection.  Should I keep them separte or just use the arc for everything?  THanks in advance........I will frag you later.....Peace Butters.

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