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Funny 1st Person Shooter Moments. Post them!

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I had a friend like this back in Middle School where he would freak out and get psycho tantrum on me for kicking his ass in the old SNES Street Fighter II. This kid would flip a b***, and even hit, throw the controller at me or my face to distract me to finish me off! WTF!!! It wasn't limited to Street Fighter either, it was also Mariokart, Tekken 1, just about any game. I couldn't be friends anymore with him, cuz he would do that in front of his mom and scream.... -His Mom- "Why are you behaving this way, it's just a game." -Him- "Because HEEE KEEPS BEATING ME!!!!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!" -His Mom to me- "I'm very sorry, but he is not behaving and he needs to go to his room." -Him- "NOOOO YOU CAN'T LEAVE UNTIL I WIN, KEEEP PLAYING NOWWWWW!!!! and he got hauled away by his collar. :shock: :? Still burned into my memory like it was yesterday. Sigh...






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