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et on linux - help choosing gpu/cpu for a build


hey guys, haven't been on in a while since my pc crapped out. i'm planning on building a new machine and would like to use linux. couple questions for those who play et on linux:


what cpu/gpu do you use?


what do you think about driver support on linux for that gpu?


i can get a windows license if i absolutely have to, but i'd like to keep this linux only. my overall build budget is $600-$700, i'd like to be able to spend that on cpu, gpu and ssd rather than shelling out part of the budget for windows when i only need it for one program which i can run on my windows laptop.


i dual-boot linux on my laptop, which has an amd-a4 5000 1.5 ghz apu. et runs at around 30-40 fps on this with windows 8.1, but a scant 6-10 fps with linux. i'd like to know that what i'm going to buy is actually going to work, from someone who's already running similar os and hardware. ideally i'd like 80+ fps at medium to high settings.


thanks :D

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