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  1. i'd like to see it taken to the other extreme with a mortar war, where the only weapon is the mortar. it would be the most confusing, frustrating, anti-climactic 15 minutes of our lives XD
  2. dynamite! nothing better than blowing up an unsuspecting enemy with a ticking time bomb. XD
  3. ETNAM was pretty crazy. short lived too, haven't seen any populated pub servers in the past few years. i think the one time i got to play it was on a test server.
  4. you will have a great time playing et with i5 or i7, or any amd processor. desktop or laptop, it doesn't matter. at this point, any computer you buy or build will run et like a champ. now, you will have to do some tweaks, you may have to use 2.60b instead of etlegacy, or vice versa, but with any new hardware you'll be able to play with a great framerate. we are really only limited by our internet connections these days
  5. If you're getting a new PC that comes with windows 10, you're unlikely to have any problems beyond the ones we're used to dealing with when installing and running et. The main complaints are from people who have win7/win8 era hardware, then upgrade to 10. The driver support for older hardware is often half assed or nonexistent. With windows 10 MS is really looking forward to the mobile computing/sync everything/touch screening future, and not worrying overmuch about supporting the older stuff any more than they have to. Hardware manufacturers are following their lead as they know which side of the bread their butter is on. anyway, go for win 10 on that new laptop! ET will run fine after you go through the usual install and config rituals, provided you've made offerings to the proper electronics deities.
  6. i use it when 2.60b doesn't work. i've installed et on a bunch of different machines with varying hardware/built in graphics, and some of them just don't like 2.60b. etlegacy works better for those. iirc it worked better for me with a laptop with a low ghz amd apu, and an old desktop with a super cheap nvidia gpu.
  7. great work! I want to play these so bad I like how the river port map has the actual "Axis" Jerry flag and the union jack flag. nice detail.
  8. 13G42161H42048730 i hope we meet our goal, and i hope i win finnish candies!
  9. in 2013 i had a craving to play bf2, but my computer was far too weak to run it. i found ET and hardly bothered with bf2 ever again, even now that i have a sick gaming rig. nothing compares to ET it wouldn't be as fun without FA. the servers were always populated with people having fun, that is the best aspect and what made me stick around.
  10. starting a business, working overtime, does not leave me much time for my beloved W:ET :(

    1. Xernicus


      Starting a business is one of the most rewarding things I've done in my life so far. I wish you the best mate!!

  11. this looks awesome! can't wait to try it out. Thanks DD for putting it on the servers!
  12. their new splash page looks great. have you tried it out yet? I couldn't find a changelog so I'm wondering what's different. after getting an ati gpu i switched back to 2.60b, etlegacy presented some issues with this card. etlegacy worked wonders on my laptop with apu and my old pc with nvidia gpu though.
  13. scary times - stay strong friend.
  14. donation sent - thanks for all you do

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