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This is how you do it!!!!! 


Jordanian fighter jets strike hard at ISIS, pay tribute to murdered pilot


Jordanian fighter pilots carried out devastating sorties against ISIS early Thursday, making good on their king's vow of vengeance for the horrific burning death of a captured airman -- whose hometown the jets buzzed triumphantly after the mission. 

Reports from the Middle East said the latest strikes killed 55 members of ISIS, including a senior commander known as the “Prince of Nineveh.” They came a day after King Abdullah stepped up his angry rhetoric at the terrorist army in neighboring Iraq and Syria following the horrific death of Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, who was burned alive in a cage in a shocking atrocity caught on a videotape released by Islamic State on Tuesday.

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I am glad to see that a response to this evil is being made from the Arab world,as it should be.we the USA should not have to keep taking care of business in that part of the world..they should want stability in their part of the world.it is their problem.help is needed from us and is good...we do it ourselves and we look bad..don't think we will ever stop radical elements there.containment seems the only hope..Arab states need to stop their own radical elements within...I wish only the best for all people and that they be prosperous and join the rest of the world..there I feel better got that off my chest

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ISIS performs act of depravity with intent to stir up nations, affected nation strikes back with overwhelming firepower (generally with innocent bystanders killed in america's case), ISIS (or whatever radical group) uses it as a means to motivate recruits and continue terrorizing others, and the cycle continues. I detest the actions of the Jordanian government just as much as I detest the actions of ISIS. They are doing nothing but continuing a cycle of violence which has shattered an entire region.


It'll probably take a few decades, but i hope people eventually realize that dropping bombs and shooting people with different clothes will not end terrorism. It hasn't worked in the past and Americans' moronic belief that they can end terrorism with a conventional military needs to go.

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