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How to Make Your Character Talk

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This is quick and easy everyone.

I'm writing this because I heard someone mention that they were surprised when they heard a character say something.

This is done through the quick command menu.

By default, you can open the quick commands menu by pressing B.

Then simply select the type of command, then the actual statement shown in the bottom left corner (in blue).


If you have a favorite command that you use all the time.

For example, I use "sorry" and "Come On" a bunch.

So, I have bound those 2 commands to specific letters.

Here are the command for each statement.


    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 1" // On Me!

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 2" // Move In!

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 3" // Fall Back!

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 4" // Base of Fire!

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 5" // Attack Left Flank!

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 6" // Attack Right Flank!

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 7" // Hold this Position!

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 8" // Regroup! 

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 1" // Contact!

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 2" // Multiple Contacts!

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 3" // I'm in Position

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 4" // Area Secure

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 5" // Watch Your Six!

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 6" // Sniper!

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 7" // Need Reinforcements 

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 1" // Roger

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 2" // Negative

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 3" // Moving

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 4" // Sorry

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 5" // Nice Shot

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 6" // Come On

(where # is the key you choose)


For example I use /bind x "openscriptmenu quickresponses 6"

Now every time that I hit x my character exclaims, "come on" for Marines, "bloody hell" for S.A.S., or another language for spetz / opfor.

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