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Taken from Tom's Hardware


Not feeling so great about having AT&T as my phone provider right now. Granted the internet is decent.


AT&T Redirects Salt Lake City 911 Calls to Seattle

1:00 PM - March 26, 2010 - By Jane McEntegart - Source : Tom's Hardware US


AT&T was this morning redirecting 911 calls in Salt Lake City to Seattle.


AT&T customers needing the assistance of the emergency services were last night connected to operators thousands of miles away. KSL reports that Salt Lake City residents on AT&T's wireless network were connected to emergency services in Seattle by accident.


One Salt Lake resident, Tony Sams, was alarmed when he tried to call 911 and was told he had reached Seattle.


"We were coming down from Farmington to drop my son off at school," Sams told KSL. "We witnessed a hit-and-run incident. We dialed 911."


When Sams was told where he was calling by the operator, he tried calling again to see if the mix up would be repeated and it was. Eventually, he called Salt Lake City police dispatch and they told him his caller ID was showing that he was in Seattle.


"It doesn't make any sense that him being in Salt Lake City, dialing 911, that it would go to Seattle," says Salt Lake City police Sgt. Robin Snyder. "We're not quite sure what happened there."


At first it seems as though it was just an issue with the GPS on Sams' phone. However, officers soon discovered that almost every AT&T phone they tried dialing 911 on was directed to the Seattle.


An AT&T spokesperson told the station that the problem had been fixed by about 11:30 p.m. MDT, but said they still didn't know what had caused the extremely worrying problem.

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FAIL... does that plug go in that jack or this one? I don't remember? f-it whats the worst that could happen. :lol:


Now this is the important part if you have At&t. You need to dial 911 now and test it to make sure you get the correct dispatch location. Better to test it now than in the event of a real emergency.



ok so if you just read the above and are about to dial 911 to test then you my friend FAIL too lols


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WTF!?!?! I tested it. The bad news is I was re-routed to Salt Lake City. The good news is I only have to wait a day and a half for the paramedics to get to Cali. Hopefully the tightening in my chest will hold til then.

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