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what ive been doing......not sure what to think......(deep thought)

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ive allowed myself to get caught up in reading the literature, also referred to as fiction, surrounding Roswell, Area 51,S4,the Russian equivalent,  Nazi research on anti-gravity, the theory of relativity, string theory....and then of course the debate as to what Sir. Newton would have postulated if he was aware of the relativity theory, oh yeah..then alien interviews (fakes... im sure we would never see the real ones)...but then warp bubbles, worm holes, then come to find out NASA is actually working on warp pulse propulsion and they are already past the theoretical design phase.... dark matter, and finally superstring theory and the "Symbols of Power"...a new hypothesis by Prof. S. James Gates. 


and the easier version to read:


not sure if this is real or not yet, but it does have the interest of renowned us scientists like Neil D. Tyson , Michio Kaku and others.....



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Very cool subject I think you will enjoy coast to coast am radio at night..They have those kinda speakers on the show.

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