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Ultimate Computer Building Guide

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Onion's Computer Building Guide


Hey there =P. I decided to make this guide for the first time builder. A lot of guides on the web are very dispersed and builders usually have to look in multiple resources just to get the information they need. In this guide, everything you will need to know about choosing computer parts and installing them is all in one place for your convenience.

For first time builders, I suggest you follow the tutorial in order from top to bottom. The Bonus Content and Sample Rig is optional and is only there as a reference. If you want me to put together a sample rig for you or have questions that I have not answered in my tutorial, you can just post on my profile or add me on xfire (ID: demonspike).

Table of Contents:

Just click on the content you would like to view laugh.gifBonus:


Sample Rig:


This is a just a personal rig I built in the beginning of the year. It just a reference of what you can build for under $700. If you want me to build you a rig, just tell me your budget. I will create a sample gaming computer and post it on the forums.

The Under $700 Gaming Computer

  • 80 mm Antec Fan 34 CFM - $6.70
  • 80 mm CoolMaster Fan + Blue LED -$5
  • 92 mm Yale Loon Fan -$4.50
  • 92 mm GELID 40 CFM Ultrasilent - $8.99
  • 120 mm Fan + Blue LED - Came with Case
  • Logisys Case - $17
  • 500 gb Seagate 7200 rpm SATA2 HD - $49.99
  • Logisys Dual Red Cathodes -$6
  • Antec Earthwatts 650W Power Supply -$59.99
  • Samsung SH-S243D/BEBE 24X Black DVD Writer - $19.99
  • Patriot Sector 5 4GB DDR3 -1333 CL 7-7-7-20 Dual Channel (2GB X 2) - $119.99
  • AMD Athlon II X4 620 - $108.99
  • MSI 790X-G45 ATX AM3 DDR3 CROSSFIRE - $89.99
  • XFX Radeon HD 5770 - $174.99

    Total: $672.12 (Canadian Currency)
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Its good for the ones that never have built one, but once you build one you pretty much got it.

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I think i did big mistake by buying computer,i paid for it 500€(almost 700$)and it aint nothing special at all,if i would have chance to change that i would definitely build my own PC!

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