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why i hate switchingb roadband

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SO this is on of the 3 sales people is spoke to. turns out no one knows nothing about the terms and conditions and are trying to tell em its unlimited when its not :(




1. surely i should be treated equaly whether i am a current custoemr oranew customer.

2. first thing when i ask for help she tries to do is go on aobut a package.

3. i said i read it in the terms and conditions, why would i want to read again i wanted an explanation not a wall of text.

4. why does she assume im dont know how to close a browser?

5. she says my speed wont be reduced by 75% if i overdpwnlaod but the terms and conditions say it will. (i loled)

6. she doesn know what 25% of 10 is.

7. closing aplicatiosn seriously?

8. adsl is broadband

9. i hat the fact they provide that fastest in y area


are customer services ussually this abd lol?

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what do i need to press to chat with them?LMAO :wub:

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all u need is enough speed for chat roulette lmao


f*** i went to that website once, i was just bsing with people wearing girl makeup and clothes(surprisingly looked like a girl)


then i clicked next person, and i found a **** swinging around my face.

it was horibbbbblee

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