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Ol Smoke

Memorial Day to me....

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There are lots of memorial day celebrations today.  Most of them for WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and of course the middle east war.

But I want to stop and thank a special group of people who died and were wounded trying to make a new country for themselves.

I want to thank the Revolutionary War soldiers and others who fought, died and were horribly wounded for believing in something

so great.  I want to take a few minutes from this day to remember those whose graves have long vanished and whose names are

not known to us today.  I want to take this time to thank them for their sacrifices to defeat the cruel and unjust King George 3.

Many of those men and women died without anyone knowing today what they did to make a difference in that war.  I think it is time

that we as Americans, truly honor their sacrifice.  For they believed in America, and the freedom it was to bring and they died for

that freedom.  I want them to truly know that I, for one, am truly sorry for their loss and truly sorry that we have let their loss go in

vain today.  I have enjoyed the freedoms of the USA since I was a little boy.  But today those freedoms have faded into just shadows

of what they once were.  I am sorry to those of the wars, we have had, to keep out freedoms.  I am sorry that we have turned into a

spineless bunch of whiners wanting nothing more than fast food, fast internet, and cellphones.  I am sorry we didn't hold the flag

a little tighter and little higher.  I am truly sorry you had to die for nothing.


I am also remembering today the sacrifices of my native brothers and sisters.  They too fought for their freedom, but the onslaught of

white peoples enveloping this land was too much for them.  I am sorry for your death that brought about no change.  I am sorry for the

millions that had to die in order for the Europeans to live here.  Even though I never knew you,  I will remember you always.


Remember this....Freedom is not a gift from the government....it is a human right we have paid for in blood.




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This year I am choosing to remember how we love to remember our brave men and women, until they come back home and need medical care. The debacle with our VA's System is an embarrassment and a crime. All the men and women who sacrificed so much deserve the very best in care when the fighting is over.

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